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Pre-order Damn the Torpedoes! before May 31st, 2016 and get 25% off (code SPR2016).

Damn the Torpedoes! Applying the Navy’s Leadership Principles to Business

Awareness of the leadership traits exhibited by Admiral Farragut in his famous order: “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” can make any manager afloat or ashore more successful. Alec Fraser’s experience as a Navy captain and the president of a division of Turner Broadcasting has taught him that leadership ashore can be modeled after centuries of leadership at sea. In Damn the Torpedoes! Fraser utilizes his own experiences in the U.S. Navy and the corporate world to illustrate this concept.

Advance Praise for Damn the Torpedoes!

“This book of leadership lessons is authentic, timely, cleanly written, and deeply relevant to the business community today — something missing from so many in this genre. It crackles with positive energy and leaves the reader smelling the tang of salt air, and inspired to get underway toward new seas. As we say in the Navy, this is a book to which one can say, “Godspeed and Open Water.” It is destined to be a classic.”

James Stavridis, PhD
Admiral, US Navy (Retired)
Supreme Allied Commander at NATO, 2009-2013
Dean, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Tufts University

Pre-order Damn the Torpedoes! before May 31st, 2016 and get 25% off (code SPR2016).

Learn more about Damn the Torpedoes!, Captain Fraser’s upcoming book.

Captain Fraser, building 21st century Leadership

Alec combines his two highly unique careers in the military and in business to provide organization leaders in 21st century useful leadership and management techniques that captains at sea have used for centuries. The demanding business environment today has become much like that captains have always faced at sea.

While Captain of the USS Cape St. George, the ship won the Navy’s Arizona Memorial Trophy for the most combat ready ship in the entire US Navy surface fleet. He speaks and conducts seminars on the techniques he and the crew used to earn that distinction…the same techniques that proved successful ashore at Turner Broadcasting. He is the author of an upcoming book entitled: “Damn the Torpedoes!” – Business Decision Making Techniques from Sea Captains.

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